Root Beer, Women and Song1st Aired Week of 9/20/86

Still out to flatter the redoubtable Jessica, Jamie takes her out to an expensive restaurant while tightwad Ted puts Vicki in charge of household expenses.

A curiously painless tale of monetary values vs. friendship, though Warren doesn't make out badly on the financial front. Fan mail blasted Vicki's “ATM” front panel even as a gag; the producers still didn't quite grasp that many closet sci-fi fans watched the show and demanded a lot more. After all, it was the only robot/android show for decades or since.

You can spot Lisa Perry, Brissette's younger brunet stand-in, coming out of the school entrance seconds of the episode opener. Perry played both Vicki and Vanessa against Brissette's portrayals during the Vanessa episodes, though it would've been very interesting from the get-go to've had Lihann Jones play Vanessa. Perry was also one of the atmospheres, or background extras, throughout the rest of the series.

Production Title: "Money, Money, Money"
Completed: 12-Sep-86 As broadcast June 12, 1986.
Show no: 201
Written by Howard Meyers
Directed by Selig Frank
Producers: Bruce Taylor and Jerry Ross

Guest Cast:
Jessica: Lihann Jones
Warren Enright: Daryl T. Bartley
Maitre d'hotel: Gino Conforti

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