Runaway Jamie 1st Aired Week of 10/5/85

playing chess

Jealous at his parents' attention toward Vicki, Jamie feigns running away, and causes Vicki to suffer the consequences.

Notable is Vicki's cute chess bout with Ted. In one scene where an inexperienced Vicki steps off the high deck of Jamie's backyard clubhouse and breaks her can (for a frame that takes 12 G's, you'd think that'd be like tripping on a sidewalk crack to her!), the structure had to be propped on 7-foot stilts to permit adequate clearance between the deck and the foam mattresses that Brissette landed on. It took eight takes for her to casually step off into space just right. It was remarkable how much fan mail noticed the clubhouse's height discrepancy. dead vici

One of my favorite scenes is Vicki getting away with innocently talking back to Joan and Ted while she packs her duffle bag with goodies in the kitchen for Jamie's hideout. Only a robot!

Production Title: "Sibling Rivalry"
Completed: ?
Show no: 105
Written by Ann L. Gibbs and Joel Kimmel
Directed by Linda Day
Produced by Budd Grossman

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