Safety First1st Aired Week of 7/30/88

When Vicki uses the Heimlich manuever to save invite-self-to-your-dinnertable Brandon, he turns around and sues the Lawsons for back injuries.

A fair safety-themed episode. Receiving fan mail that kids put the manuever to use after seeing the show was a big morale booster to cast and crew.
Notable: Vicki's multitasking housechores gag (dusting, vacuuming, singing) was inspired by the Amiga 1000s used in post-production. Nice and polite as a child at Sunday school, Brissette picked singing “When the Saints Come Marching In” herself.

Production Title: "Safety First"
Completed: ?
Show no: 310
Written by Ken Steele
Directed by Leslie Martinson

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Reggie: Paul C. Scott

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