Screaming Skulls1st Aired Week of ??/??/86

Jamie stumbles into the membership of a junior high gang whose vandalism tests his sense of belonging with right and wrong — and inducts Vicki as its moll.

This storyline's character moral holds up despite a lot of corny deliveries. Very good play for Jamie's lines but not so for Vicki (again) who is mostly an ornament for both sides to play against. Small Wonder works best when Vicki's presence enters the equation in changing the way the Lawsons act toward others and among themselves. Unfortunately, too many scripts got through which tossed this concept out the window. A good idea for the show would've had The Beast's family living across the way from the Lawsons as a counterpoint to the Brindles.

Production Title: "The Gang's All Here"
Completed: ?
Show no: 315
Written by Stan Cutler
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast:
The Beast: Adam Rich
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Jock: Brett Johnson

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