Ted's Lay-Off1st Aired Week of 2/15/86

Vicki lifts a Volkswagen

United Robotronics cutbacks have the Lawsons scrambling for odd jobs; Jamie and Vicki wash cars at an unscrupulous used car lot.

A so-so episode. Episode most notable for Vicki's first briefly breaking into a normal human voice and Joan showing her claws at uppity Brandon. Kept blooper: Reflection of boom mike in Volkswagen's windshield. Whether a used car salesman or swindler, Danny Wells always makes a crown prince of con. Brandon begs Ted to return

Production Title: "The Company Takeover"
Completed: 25-Oct-85
Show no: 120

Written by Dick Christie and Tom Amundsen
Written by John Boni
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Discount Dale: Danny Wells

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