The Birds, the Bees, and Robots 1st Aired Week of 5/10/86

When timid Ted uses the “stork theory” in answering Jamie's questions about sex, Jamie believes Dad's in serious need of sex education and tries to help him out.

An unusually stupid script misses a classic plotline of parental skittishness and misunderstandings. Notable scene: Vicki's innocently frank insult of Ted's intelligence after he tastes a boiling pot of dyed clothes. This episode begs the obvious question of Ted and Joan's wisdom of leaving Vicki in Jamie's room.

Production Title: "The Real Facts of Life"
Completed: 25-Oct-85/
Show no: 119
Written by Ed Jurist
Directed by Leslie Martinson

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert

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