Vicki and the Pusher1st Aired Week of 9/3/88

When a schoolyard pusher tries to hook Vicki on drugs, the Lawsons help the police on a undercover sting.

This was a watered-down drug theme show that would've gone better with Vicki mimicking the darker effects of drug usage than doing her hummingbird imitation. Catch the innuendo of what Vicki's eating in the schoolyard when she talks of “taking a number.” This was Jessica's swan song on Small Wonder. Vicki is upgraded with a Polynucleotide Processor [a kind of simulated digestive tract] so she could eat, create energy and go to the bathroom (really).

Production Title: "It's Okay to Say No"
Completed: 27-Sep-87/
Show no: 302
Written by Matt Geller
Directed by Bob Claver

Guest Cast:
Jessica: Lihann Jones
Larry: Philip Tanzini
Officer Davis: Peggy March
Principal Bryant: David Moses

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