The Rip-Off1st Aired Week of ??/??/88


While on a company vacation at a health resort, Jamie, Vicki, Brandon and Harriet see a burglar hitting their residence — each with a different eyewitness account.

Lots of shapely spandex in this one! Notable is the Vicki “point-of-view” optical effect. There were videotapes from collegians which offered amateurish but well excuted graphical robot POVs that'd put the Terminator's to shame, but producers are leery of using such freebie tangible offerings, even from fans. This techno-gag sprang from a much earlier video terminal concept for Ted's computer that would've opened up a lot of cool plots, but for the sake of protecting great ideas from lurking rip-off artists in the industry, I'm afraid I can only tantalize you this much.

One scene that gives you a good idea of Brissette's featherweight petiteness at age 13 is when burglar Blaisdell scoops her up under his arm and she's nearly airborne for a few moments. The same two had similiar experiences in an earlier episode, “Victor/V.I.C.I.”, when Blaisdell had to be sure that he didn't accidentially launch her when he swept her up from beneath the arms. Sweeping Brissette high off her feet was also one of prankster Christie's favorite pastimes around the set when he wasn't tugging Schulman's braids. To the beer-guzzling stage crew this was one of the more memorable episodes, what with all the bronzed bodies sashaying about the tiny gym set. In the interest of stage safety, the kids couldn't horse around the equipment, much to their pouting dismay.

This episode was THE END.
What hurts is Small Wonder didn't have to end so abruptly (see “Series Post Mortem”). Had the Too Good To Be True episode closed the previous season, we would've been enjoying a “new” Vicki: a cross between a mollified Vanessa and a perky Vicki in a much more mature, revamped series format. Had TGTBT's series concept itself launched this season, we'd be at the close of a year of Vanessa's antics with the elder Lawsons with a new crew of producers and writers altogether.

But maybe all is not totally lost with the adventures of the Lawsons and V.I.C.I....

Production Title: "Rashomon"
Completed: ?
Show no: 422
Written by Steve Granat and Mel Sherer
Directed by Bob Claver

Guest Cast:
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
Robert Jennings: Donald Craig
Officer Fielding/Burglar: Brad Blaisdell
Spandex Girl: Julie Thomson
Hans: Roger Hewlett

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