The Russians Are Coming1st Aired Week of 2/13/88

In an international junior high quiz, Vicki's school pits its top pupil — her — against an equally quick and infallible Russian whiz kid who has a secret of his own.

This quirky transparent episode was played the wrong time in the age of glasnost. A better but dumped concept replaced the Russian boy with Ted's former understudy: a life-loser whose surprise “adopted” prodigy child sweeps academic awards. In either case, most writers had private problems of having the domestic Vicki in school in the first place. There was a clipped teaser ending wherein Vladimir and Vicki trade knowing winks at another.

Production Title: "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming"
Completed: ?
Show no: 325
Written by Lawrence H. Levy
Directed by Leslie Martinson

Guest Cast:
Boris: Bob Ari
Principal Bryant: David Moses
Vladimir: Jakub Durkoth

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