The Wedding1st Aired Week of 5/23/87

Ted and Joan decide to have the ceremonial wedding they never had — until the Brindles butt in. This was one of the five most popular episodes and struck a chord among many older female viewers. It also irked many long tired of the Brindles and of the Lawsons putting up with them, creating mail that inspired the “Earthquake Vicki” episode. Episodes such as this one and “Grandpa Lawson Visits” demonstrate that you don't need gadget themes nor hi-tech villians (Vanessa excepted) to make a robot show go. This was a nice play to work in, what with everyone dressed up and the flowers and the extras in a jovial mood on a nice late summer week. For the writers this bouyant period is significant in that the concept of Vanessa's new role for the series is being finalized.

Notable: Brissette makes a charming flower girl whose effect is directly borrowed from heirloom porcelain dolls. This was the first display of Vicki's magnetic powers, and Edie McClurg's swan song before her move on to other shows left Mrs. Brindle in parts unknown in the basement.

Production Title: "Double Wedding"
Completed: 15-May-87
Show no: 224
Written by Warren Murray and Bruce Kane
Directed by Leslie Martinson
Produced by Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Bonnie Brindle: Edie McClurg
Brandon Brindle: William Bogert
The Minister: Jack Grinnage
Caribou Man: Lou Carry
Gutter Gal: Cynthia Frost
Justice of the Peace: Joe Lake

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