The Wonder Worker1st Aired Week of 11/8/86

To help Jamie's shy and withdrawn classmate who stutters, Ted programs Vicki to be her speech therapist.

This was one of those shining touching and positive gems that the producers should've taken as a benchmark for the rest. Using Vicki's robotic talents in clinical and human situations made Small Wonder's premise and possibilities unknown in other sitcoms or even other sci-fi shows. When you see Vicki helping Paula in an idealized child therapy situation (“child to child” or as an inconspicuous psychologist's agent in an outside setting), you can easily imagine that we are peeking at one of the top future tools of child psychology. Alas, new program owner Fox couldn't see the wine for the beer.

Production Title: "P--P--Paula"
Completed: 31-Oct-86
Show no: 207
Written by Lawrence Levy
Directed by Bob Claver
Produced by Bruce Taylor and Jerry Ross

Guest Cast:
Paula: Emily Moultrie
Miss Findlay: Veronica Redd
Mrs. Preston: Enid Kent
Funny Bunny: Bobby Herbeck
Delivery Man: Tony Max
Mailman: Rudy Challenger

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