Vaudeville Vicki 1st Aired Week of 3/1/86

When a vaudeville actor thinks Vicki is his long-lost daughter, he drafts her into a show and threatens her adoption. Lots of fancy footwork highlight this show that spots Brissette's hoofing talents.

Watch for kept bloopers where Brissette turns the wrong way in a stage dance number with Berry, and where Berry, Pennington and Christie simultaneously trip over a rug — and keep on going! This episode contends that Vicki's face was digitized from the photo of a child model named Mary, not a composite of girls' faces as Ted asserts later in “The Bad Seedling.”

Production Title: "Show Biz"
Completed: 25-Oct-85/
Show no: 122
Written by Aubrey Tadman and Garry Ferrier
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Produced by Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Buddy O'Connor: Ken Berry
Lou Adams: Sidney Miller
Bonnie Brindle: Edie McClurg

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