Vicki for the Defense1st Aired Week of 10/4/86

Playing a judge in a class simulation of a courtroom, Jamie dispenses uneven justice and gets impeached, while parking-ticket-skipping role model Ted tries to get himself arrested.

Christie lays it thick on Payton-France, who originally was to have been featured as Reggie's mom. It's a hoot seeing Brissette carry on her Perry Mason gag. (Legal note: Don't retain her!) One wonders how she kept a straight face — and nearly doesn't.

Production Title: "Here Comes the Judge"
Completed: 26-Sep-86
Show no: 213
Written by Jeffrey Davis
Directed by Selig Frank
Produced by Bruce Taylor and Jerry Ross

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Warren Enright: Daryl T. Bartley
Meter Maid: Jo Marie Payton-France

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