Vicki's Exposé1st Aired Week of 4/??/88

Benny, an old college chum of Ted and Joan's, is up to his same trashy school paper tricks in a big city rag now, fabricating a tabloid feature which, by sheer chance, “exposes” Vicki as a robot just as she's about to join a fashionable clique of girls.

This was one “Swiss cheese” episode, as far as continuity was concerned. Everyone seems to have forgotten Lark Voorhies — whose character has changed names — and forgotten Reggie and Jamie. It hints that Reggie and Harriet know Vicki's truth in order to play Ted's trick to mislead the media. Their rap dance sequence was nice, considering it was choreographed in only three hours over two days. One notable show concept foible — and a strangely touching scene is where Vicki, mercilessly teased at school from the tabloid, soberly asks a speechless Ted and Joan: “Am I a robot?” Of course it's absurd that Vicki would say such or even be motivated to say such, yet this would've been just the kind of thing Vanessa would've asked in the same position in the unproduced Too Good To Be True [the series] had one of the premises rendered Vanessa totally amnesic about her gynoid fact. That in itself would've been an interesting gimmick.

Notable: Jovial Amundsen was a staff SW writer who pops up in an episode once in a while.

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Production Title: "The Tattletale"
Completed: ?
Show no: 414
Written by Dick Christie and David Ruprecht
Directed by Selig Frank

Guest Cast:
Benny Gross: Tom Amundsen
Mr. Willis: Fredd Wayne
Binky: Lark Voorhies
Buffy: Amber Susa

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