Vicki's Glasses1st Aired Week of 1/??/89

Jamie regrets putting Vicki on guard duty for his pricey new bike when her eyes start to malfunction in a schoolyard of prowling thieves.

Even though she's a machine, you just can't help pitying poor Vicki stumbling around like Mr. Magoo. Whether Vicki (in real-life domestic robot performance parameters) would have the strength to pull a bike chain apart is debatable. (See Vicki's Robot Powers.) This episode was proposed to be a lot more serious about blindness but was (as usual) watered down.

Notable: Watch the kept blooper in the initial kitchen sequence where Pennington nearly slips on spilt milk on the floor. At the end, Vicki laughs without a face (just eyeballs and teeth!). Brissette is pretty in or out of specs because she has nice frames.

Production Title: "See No Evil"
Completed: ?
Show no: 412
Written by Bobby Herbeck
Directed by Leslie Martinson

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Billy: Brett Johnson
Fred: Trey Parker

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