Vicki's Homecoming (Pilot) 1st Aired Week of 9/7/85

Vici Kit

Genius United Robotronics cybernetics engineer Ted Lawson brings home for assembly and long-term field beta testing Vicki, or V.I.C.I. [Voice Input Child Identicant]: a secretly constructed robotic domestic aide in the form of a 10-year-old girl, to whom (which?) housewife Joan takes a shine while 10-year-old son Jamie instantly takes advantage of Vicki as a maid to clean his room and do his homework.

Due to a sitcom pioneering shoestring budget and tardy call for story technical consultants, there were gross technical inaccuracies later corrected, such as Vicki's eyes being solar cells and passing off pieces of storefront mannikins instead of using more convincing audioanimatronic robots as Vicki's body parts. Technically, by the show's tech bible of how an android robot would actually be built, Vicki's structure wouldn't be any easier to disassemble than ours. For more background information see the Series Technical Background and Vicki on Dunahue.

Production Title: "Siblings"
Completed: 27-Aug-85
Show no: 101 (Pilot)
Written and Created and Produced by Howard Leeds
Directed by John Bowab
Executive Producer: Howard Leeds

Weekly Cast Members:
Vicki the Robot: Tiffany Marie Brissette
Joan Lawson: Marla Pennington
Theodore “Ted” Lawson: Dick Christie
Jamie Lawson: Jerry Supiran
Harriet Brindle: Emily Schulman

Guest Cast:
Saleslady: Olive Dunbar
Moving Man: Mickey Morton

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