Victor/V.I.C.I.1st Aired Week of 2/14/87

To help his Little League team's rock-bottom status, Jamie disguises Vicki as a boy to use her robotic abilities to bat for the pennant.

A nice whimisical change of pace “outdoor” episode with lots of optical baseball tricks like mid-air dead-stops/starts and spiral throws that are strictly for laughs. One of a handful of episodes playing on “outdoor” sets. The “play fair” moral of the story in not using Vicki to get ahead is kind of moot now, since for some time after season three Jamie doesn't demand her to perform any of his tasks. By now, her family status is in a curious twilight zone of being a sibling/daughter and foster au pair girl rather than a labor-saving device.

You can't appreciate just how featherweight the diminitive Brissette is from the viewer's side of the tube. Brissette clings to Blaisdell's arms when he swings her high and for a good reason: In rehearsal, he nearly launched her to the roof, expecting a much heftier child. For such a pretty girl, Brissette makes a cute convincing boy who doesn't pitch underhand. She liked such cross-dress roles to get her out of pinafores and stretch her histronics.

Notable: Christie and Brissette cut up in snubbing each other on the baseball diamond.

Production Title: "Victor-Vicki-toria"
Completed: 06 Feb 87
Show no: 214
Written by Warren Murray and Bruce Kane
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Produced by Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Reggie: Paul C. Scott
Coach Simpson: Brad Blaisdell

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