Wham-Bam Body Slam1st Aired Week of 6/20/87

Joan invites Wally Crandal, a former 90-pound weakling college classmate, over for dinner to meet his former school tormentor: Ted, who rigs Vicki to play even crueler tricks. The problem is that Ted's unaware that Wally's grown into a top pro wrestler.

This was a fun episode meeting Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who is an incredibly decent and funny (read: blue jokes) guy. He was really excited about striking out in Hollywood and clucked a lot about his latest gig, Predator. Supiran got a kick out of meeting Ventura, and Brissette was on the edge of a breakdown trying to keep a straight face as she sprayed whipped cream over Ventura's mug.

Notable: Ventura becomes the only family outsider who learns Vicki's secret. In 1998 Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota.

Production title: "Wally the Wimp"
Completed: 20-Feb-87
Show no: 217
Written by Dick Christie and Tom Amundsen
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Produced by Bruce Taylor

Guest Cast:
Wally Crandal: Jesse “The Body” Ventura

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