White Lies 1st Aired Week of 10/19/85


Jamie realizes the value of constant truthfulness when he can't convince his parents that he's not responsible for breaking (and secretly gluing together) a teapot; the damage was caused by Harriet's smart-aleck cousin.

Vicki's taken as more family member than tool now. Episode is notable for Vicki laughing for the first time (mimicking Jamie, of course) and doing a power slam-dunk from a standing 6-foot hop. Brissette struggles to stay in deadpan character after wiseguy Glasser gets a pie in the kisser from Supiran (though he's more mad that it's the wrong flavor).

This episode marked a kind of “settling in” of the players to their roles. As such, there's a smoother chemistry among all from previous shows. The shuttle Challenger mural on Jamie's bedroom wall will disappear in about three weeks in response to the national tragedy. slamdunk

Production Title: "The Lie"
Completed: ?
Show no: 107
Written and Produced by Budd Grossman
Directed by Linda Day

Guest Cast:
Norman: David Glasser

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