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This page first appeared at South Dakota State University. It may not be exactly as I originally set it up, especially as some of its links are now defunct, and other links are now part of the current site. Visit the new Small Wonder discussion forum!

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Lawson family Small Wonder ran in syndication from 1985 to 1989. It was one of the quirkiest TV series of its time for several reasons:

For all its innovations, Small Wonder never got much attention in the print media, except for an article in Stickers & Stuff magazine — from which the image on this page came — and weekly ads in what is now Broadcasting & Cable magazine. TV Guide had done a brief on Tiffany, with the aptly punctuated headline, "The Perfect Child?".

My original links included Small Wonder mentions in "Christmas 2000, or Spot's Third First Christmas", a plot-your-own story about a TV-literate dog, and "The Happynet Manifesto", a facetious attempt to reform Usenet. Here is a photograph of Tiffany Brissette alone. Other links that were on this page have been transferred to the current site at surfbest.net:

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