Small Wonder

VICI/ADA Brochure

The television series Small Wonder gave us a brief preview of family life with an Android Domestic Aide, or ADA, in the form of a little girl.

The pictures here, all made with Curious Labs Poser 4 and other software, are intended to depict ADAs performing household tasks and providing companionship to various families. The ADAs in this brochure are diverse in outward appearance; they will later reveal the electronic and mechanical components hidden beneath their skins. For the time being, read The Nuts and Bolts of Vicki and an article from Wired magazine. Note: This brochure is intended to use “nude” in its plain sense of an unclothed human, not in the computer jargon sense of a computer shipped without an operating system.

More pictures are coming soon! It is hoped that an ADA can be shown playing a piecepack game with one or more nursing home residents. Piecepack tiles are derived from playing cards but closer to the thickness of dominoes and therefore easier for arthritic hands to grasp. I have found a coin prop that does not grossly distort my simple textures. My problem is in finding a square board-game tile with rounded corners, for use in piecepack games that require sliding of tiles, as square corners may be too sharp. I made such a tile in Wings3D, but my rounding of corners is imperfect.
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