Mario's Quest for Pizza

Levels for Super Mario Flash 2

©2014–15 James H. Vipond

Mario riding Yoshi Among my other leisure pursuits, I have been experimenting with the Super Mario Flash 2 online level editor. I find this editor much easier to use than Lunar Magic. I am using some design tips from the YouTube user MarioMaster7771, but I am not slavishly imitating his style. Is it possible to add Charles Martinet’s voice clips to an SMF2 level, à la the Game Boy Advance port of Super Mario World?

For those who are expecting a plot: Mario and Yoshi have been invited to join Luigi, Peach and Daisy at the Toads’ pizza parlor—for mushroom pizzas, naturally! As usual, however, Bowser and his minions are making it a dangerous journey for Mario!

These levels are plain-text files to load into Super Mario Flash 2. The following levels are currently available (thumbnails are clickable; each link should open in a new tab within your current browser window):

Grass Land 1 screenshot
Grass Land 1
Grass Land 2 screenshot
Grass Land 2
Grass Land 3 screenshot
Grass Land 3
Grass Land 4 screenshot
Grass Land 4
Aquatic Realm 1 screenshot
Aquatic Realm 1
Aquatic Realm 2 screenshot
Aquatic Realm 2
Aquatic Realm 3 screenshot
Aquatic Realm 3
Aquatic Realm 4 screenshot
Aquatic Realm 4
Dark Forest 1 screenshot
Dark Forest 1
Dark Forest 2 screenshot
Dark Forest 2
Dark Forest 3 screenshot
Dark Forest 3
Dark Forest 4 screenshot
Dark Forest 4
Haunted Land 1 screenshot
Haunted Land 1
Haunted Land 2 screenshot
Haunted Land 2
Haunted Land 3 screenshot
Haunted Land 3
Haunted Land 4 screenshot
Haunted Land 4
Castle Complex 1 screenshot
Castle Complex 1
Castle Complex 2 screenshot
Castle Complex 2
Castle Complex 3 screenshot
Castle Complex 3
Castle Complex 4 screenshot
Castle Complex 4

Each area of the game consists of four levels. Boom-Boom appears at the end of the fourth level in each area. (Can one change the text that appears after Mario defeats Bowser?) It is recommended that you play the levels in order. To load one of these level files into SMF2:
  1. Select the level you wish to play.
  2. Highlight the entire code (Ctrl-A on Windows, Command-A on Mac) and copy it to your computer’s clipboard.
  3. Return to SMF2 and, from the title screen, select Level Editor.
  4. Click on Load Code in the menu.
  5. Paste the code into the blank field.
  6. Click on Load Code in the lower left corner.
  7. Play the level.
I have created more levels with Super Mario Flash 2 version C!

Disclaimer: Mario and related characters and elements are the property of Nintendo. Support Nintendo by purchasing its products.