Devised by James H. Vipond, 2003 May 08

The comedy duo of Bruce Williams and Terry Ree have been the stars of two motion pictures produced and shown only in South Dakota. This story was inspired in part by Paul Cwick (“Shveek”), who made speculative pictures of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello meeting the Invisible Woman. I am not affiliated with any professional entertainers, nor am I a professional writer.

Dramatis Personæ

Bruce and Terry as detectives
Irene Bedard M.T. Coates
Bruce Williams and Terry Ree as 1940s-style private detectives who use modern techniques in solving cases Irene Bedard as Maria Theresa “M.T.” Coates, a scientist who fears that her prototype invisibility suits may soon be stolen (pictures may be found in the Misterdoesgallery Yahoo! Group, in the “poser4” album in the Photos section)

Story Outline

Bruce and Terry run a detective agency. They meet Maria Theresa “M.T.” Coates (Irene Bedard), a scientist who has developed a stealth suit which she believes improves on the one recently invented in Japan. The invisibility switch is in a turquoise ring on one glove. The suit itself is lightweight, so normal clothes can be worn over it. A separate piece goes over the head, like a ski mask.

Maria has two prototypes of the suit: a female version, which she is wearing, and a male version, which she fears someone may steal. She has a Zip disk that contains all of her research notes. Bruce and Terry agree to help her protect her invention.

This story is complete as of 2006 July 16, and some of my Poser 4 illustrations are available from within the story. Although this story contains some textual descriptions of non-sexual human nudity, I do not trust age-based ratings and would prefer a content-based rating system. Some ideas:

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