This section of my site is for stories and fan works I have created.
In development:

Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

This original illustrated story combines comedy and soft science fiction.

I have serialized webcomics on Midco⁠Net and at Comic Genesis, made with Poser and Comic Life, featuring my original characters, The Easy Breather and Min & Max. In August 2017, an upgrade to Comic Life 3 allowed me to resume The Easy Breather from where continual crashes of Comic Life Magiq forced me to leave off in November 2012.

As of August 2017, I am a production consultant and supporting voice actor* for a Web animation series in development. The Shoeless Gumshoes, an all-CGI homage to Hanna-Barbera’s comedy-mystery cartoons of the 1970s, concerns three teenage girls who solve mysteries while perpetually barefoot. The series is expected to debut in September 2018 on YouTube, Vimeo or Daily⁠Motion. Its creator lives in the Canadian province of Newfoundland, and shares my affinity for the work of Patty Maloney, specifically her portrayal of Darla Hood in the 1980s Saturday-morning cartoon series of The Little Rascals.

I am still waiting for Digimage Arts to complete its new version of Color It! for Intel Macs. In the meantime, I am using Inkscape and Paintbrush. I also am experimenting with Kreative Power⁠Paint. (I do not know how to combine the Java files into a macOS application.)

Although many of my Poser pictures, on Midco⁠Net and on my Deviant⁠Art page, feature only clothed people, some contain artistic nudes of both sexes. If you are looking for pornography, though, you will not find it on my site!

*I am recording character voices with a Logitech H390 USB headset microphone. My favored software is Morph⁠VOX Pro with Female Voices, Male Voices and Personality Voices add-on packs.

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