Mr. and Mrs. Invisible
James H. Vipond

Here are some works by other people, sorted by medium, that include invisible humans of both sexes. A “no one under 18” icon (🔞) indicates mature content, such as nudity, sexual activity or consumption of alcohol.

To be included on this list, a work must feature at least one invisible man and one invisible woman. If you can offer additions or wish to report broken links, let me know!

Advertising Anime and Manga
  • Adam and Eve, a manga series published since October 2015 🔞
Comic Books
  • In Archie Comics’ Sabrina at Gravestone Heights 91313, Sabrina is friends with a perpetually invisible girl named Cleara Glass. Invisibility appears to be a trait in Cleara’s household. (not found on Archie Comics Wiki; link needed)
Film, Animated
  • Ghosks Is the Bunk, a 1939 Popeye cartoon by Max Fleischer
  • Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters: This 1972 Rankin-Bass television special was originally part of the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie series. The invisible woman in this film is named Nagatha.
Film, Live Action Literature Live-Action TV
  • “Gone”, a sixth-season episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 🔞
Music Videos Newspaper Comics
  • The Frank and Ernest comic from May 14, 2003 (need link to full comic)
  • A relevant editorial cartoon, depicting rural people made invisible by exposure to a nuclear power plant, is reprinted in (as I recall) Mort Gerberg’s 1989 book Cartooning: The Art and the Business. Unfortunately, I do not currently have access to that book.
Video Games
  • This can happen in Gauntlet, if Thyra the Valkyrie and at least one male hero are in play on a level with two or more invisibility amulets.
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