Mr. and Mrs. Invisible
Human couple in silhouette
©2014–present James H. Vipond
Plot: A blond, blue-eyed American couple become invisible just before their 11th wedding anniversary, after drinking an exotic herbal tea.

This story combines science fiction and comedy, with some genre deconstruction, but will not necessarily include characters from my completed webcomic, The Easy Breather. It was inspired in part by the short story “Dr. Haze and Danny”, message #4325 on the Invisiphiles Yahoo! Group, and influenced by these similar works.

Mr. & Mrs. Invisible is an ongoing story intended for a general adult readership. It may be adapted to film, television or a graphic novel. Poser 10/11 illustrations are also in development, using the Poser 4 figures to represent the main couple, Gerald Thomas Whitaker and Deanne Rose McKee Whitaker, who stand 6 feet 0.2 inch and 5 feet 11.3 inches tall, respectively. I have begun experimenting with DAZ Studio 4.10 as well, so I may redo the illustrations with Genesis 3 adults.

  • Language: clean; the Lord’s name is respected
  • Sex/nudity: some nudity, both male and female, but nothing sexual; I am playing it safe here by not even showing genitalia or female nipples
  • Violence: none intended
Established parameters:
  1. Both spouses have acquired the ability to become invisible.
  2. One spouse may be visible while the other is not.
  3. Their invisibility does not affect their vision, their clothing or any objects they handle. Food and drink, however, do vanish once ingested.
  4. When both spouses are invisible, they track each other by scent: Gerald follows the lemon scent of Deanne’s shampoo, and she follows the pine scent of his aftershave.
  5. As long as they wear their platinum wedding rings, the couple are perpetually visible.
  6. The couple will use their power not for mischief or sexual immorality, but to defend the innocent and help the needy.
  7. Their invisibility may wear off without warning, especially when both spouses are nude, within view of strangers and with no clothing at hand.
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