Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

Gerald & Deanne tell the twins
In universe, they're stark naked
©2014 James H. Vipond
The next evening, Gerald calls the 9-year-old twins, Jacob and Jennifer, into the living room.
Gerald: “Kids, I have something to tell you. I have become the Invisible Man, and your mother is the Invisible Woman.”
Gerald and Deanne take off their wedding rings, and both vanish. Only their clothes are visible.
Jacob: “Whoa! How did it happen?”
Invisible!Gerald: “We drank a new variety of herbal tea, and by the next morning, we had both become invisible!”
Jennifer: “How long will it last?”
Invisible!Deanne: “We don’t know. But our platinum wedding rings keep this power in check.”
They put their wedding rings back on, and become visible again.
Gerald: “Don’t tell anyone about this, either of you, until your mother and I have discussed this privately.”

The couple later have a private conversation.
Deanne: “I don’t get how that herbal tea could make even one of us invisible. The human body wasn’t designed for invisibility … was it?”
Gerald: “Well, Deanne, I know of many people who have done things for which their bodies weren’t designed. Consumption of tobacco, for instance.”
Deanne: “So, Jerry, what are we going to do with this power of ours?”
Gerald: “We are going to use our invisibility not for mischief or sexual immorality, but to help the needy and to protect the vulnerable. And only the two of us will ever know!”
Deanne: “But what if it wears off when one or both of us are stark naked in public? Won’t we be arrested for indecent exposure?”
Gerald: “That’s the chance we’ll have to take as Mr. & Mrs. Invisible.”
Deanne: “That raises another question: How do we keep ourselves out of danger, since no one will be able to see us?”
Gerald: “For now, I would like to learn more about that herbal tea … such as whether it has made anyone else invisible.”

About two hours later …
Deanne: “Did you ever get through to the tea company, Jerry?”
Gerald: “No. I called the number printed on the box, and all I got was a recording that said, ‘The mailbox belonging to this number is full, and cannot accept any new messages.’”
Deanne: “Well, it’s late. Let’s go to bed.”
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