To be continued …
Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

Burglar meets the Invisible Man
The burglar flees
Whitakers at kitchen sink
©2014 James H. Vipond


The Whitaker family have retired for the night. The twins are sound asleep, but a sudden noise awakens the parents shortly after midnight. A burglar has entered the Whitakers’ kitchen by forcing the back door open.

Invisible!Deanne: “Jerry, I think a stranger has broken into our house!”
Invisible!Gerald: “I’ll go investigate.”

The bed sheet pulls itself aside, a sleep mask falls onto the mattress, and a pair of boxer shorts and a white undershirt assume the shape of an unseen male body. Invisible!Gerald takes his smartphone to the source of the noise, “in case I have to call the police.”

The burglar is about to start filling his sack when he hears the light switch click on.
Burglar: “Hey! Who turned on the light?”
Invisible!Gerald: “I did.”
Burglar: “Yikes! An invisible man!”

Within two minutes, a pink bathrobe floats into the room. The bathrobe is open, revealing white lingerie on an unseen female body.
Invisible!Deanne, yawning: “Did you find him, Jerry?”
Burglar: “And an invisible woman, too? I won’t be robbing this house!”
The burglar grabs his tools and escapes through the back door. In his haste, he leaves his empty sack behind.
Having thwarted a robbery, the invisible couple turn off the kitchen light and return to bed.

The next morning, upon entering the kitchen for breakfast, Gerald discovers another box of herbal tea next to the stove. The box is marked for eight servings. He calls to his wife, who has just left the shower.
Gerald: “Deanne, have you been buying this herbal tea at the store?”
Deanne: “You mean the tea that made us invisible? No, Jerry, I haven’t.”
Gerald: “Well, it seems that we’re meant to have this power of invisibility.”

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