Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

Invisible Whitakers check out of the hotel Whitakers on their way out
©2014 James H. Vipond
By the next morning, Gerald and Deanne are both able to stay visible just long enough to check out of their hotel suite.

Desk clerk: “Did you enjoy your stay, Mr. & Mrs. Whitaker?”
Gerald: “Well …”
Desk clerk: “We haven’t found those platinum rings you reported missing. Say, you don’t know anything about an invisible couple at last night’s costume party, do you?”
Deanne, turning to her husband: “Jerry, what should we tell—”
The desk clerk gasps as Gerald suddenly vanishes. His clothing is still visible.
Deanne: “This is what happens when we don’t have our wedding rings on!”
Invisible!Gerald: “You’re right, Deanne. My fault for leaving our rings in plain sight!”
Then Deanne vanishes, just as her husband did. Her clothing is still visible.
Invisible!Deanne: “Let us know when you find our wedding rings!”
The desk clerk faints in shock as two apparently empty sets of clothes leave the hotel with luggage in tow.
Invisible!Deanne: “This is not quite how I wanted to spend our 11th wedding anniversary!”
Invisible!Gerald: “When our taxicab arrives, let me do the talking.”

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