Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

Floating utensils at family breakfast
Jennifer brings in a parcel Gerald opens the parcel
They're visible again!
©2014 James H. Vipond


After Gerald and Deanne return from their second honeymoon, they have the twins brought back home. During the family’s reunion breakfast, the twins watch in disbelief as utensils float off the table, unseen hands carve the pancakes on Gerald’s and Deanne’s plates, slices of pancake and sausage vanish off Gerald’s and Deanne’s forks into unseen mouths, and napkins rise to wipe unseen lips.

Invisible!Gerald: “It’s good to have the family together at breakfast again!”
Invisible!Deanne: “Jerry, how long has it been since either of us was last visible?”
Invisible!Gerald: “I would say … almost three days now.”
Jennifer: “Mother, Daddy, please put some clothes on.”
Jacob: “Yeah, even if it’s just bathrobes!”
Invisible!Deanne: “Jerry, this is embarrassing! Jennifer can see us!”
Jennifer: “Actually, Mother, I can’t, but somehow I can tell that both of you are nude. Jacob, that bit of sausage just vanished off Daddy’s fork!”
Jacob: “I can’t see them, either. Thank goodness I was able to finish my raisin bran!”
Having finished their breakfast, the twins rise to leave the table.
Jennifer: “Jacob, let’s go brush our teeth!”
Invisible!Deanne: “At least your father and I showered before serving breakfast this morning!”

After breakfast, the still-invisible Gerald and Deanne are in their bedroom, getting dressed. The master bedroom door is closed.
Jennifer, standing outside the master bedroom door: “Mother! Daddy! The mail is here! A little parcel came for you!”
Invisible!Gerald: “Your mother and I are getting dressed. Leave the parcel on the kitchen table, and we will be out shortly.”

Now fully clothed, the invisible parents come out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Gerald opens the parcel.
Invisible!Gerald: “Deanne, come here! This is terrific!”
Invisible!Deanne: “What is it, Jerry?”
Invisible!Gerald: “It’s our wedding rings! And there’s a note, on the letterhead of the hotel where we stayed!”
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Whitaker:

Here are your wedding rings. The thief has been prosecuted. Wear them in good health, and thank you for staying at our hotel.
Gerald and Deanne put on the rings and instantly materialize.
Jacob: “Jennifer, come quick! Mom and Dad are visible again!”
Deanne: “Oh, Jerry, I missed your handsome face!”
Gerald: “Oh, Deanne, I missed your cute face!”
They share a passionate kiss. But their unusual reaction to herbal tea may be needed at a later time …
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