Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

The blond couple meet Grace
Gerald and Deanne vanish!
Grace and her husband arrive
The Whitakers vanish again!
©2015 James H. Vipond


Gerald and Deanne are dining out at the mall, after taking their wedding rings to the jeweler for resizing, when they meet Grace, the cute brunette from the costume party.
Deanne: “Jerry, we need to quit drinking that herbal tea. I’m afraid that if we continue going naked in public, it will hurt our marriage, even if no one can see us!”
Gerald: “I share your concern, Deanne, but God gave us this unique ability for a reason.”
Deanne: “And that reason is …?”
Gerald: “I don’t know. But as long as we have our platinum wedding rings to keep us visible, we can still enjoy our herbal tea.”
Deanne: “Speaking of our wedding rings, I hope the jeweler does a good job resizing them. Mine was becoming a little too snug.”

Grace: “Aren’t you Gerald and Deanne Whitaker?”
Gerald: “That’s us.”
Grace: “My name is Grace Elizabeth Hudson-Marshall. I don’t recognize your faces, but I seem to have heard your voices somewhere before.”
Gerald: “I recognize you, from that costume party several months ago!”
Deanne: “You admired our costumes and asked us about our invisibility effect.”
The Whitakers both instantly vanish, but their clothes are still visible.
Grace: “Disco Phantom …?”
Invisible!Gerald: “That was my costume, and Deanne went as the Invisible Amazon.”
Invisible!Deanne: “If you’ll visit us at home, Grace, we’ll explain there.”
Grace: “May I bring Timothy, my husband? He and I were married three months ago. I’d like to have you meet him.”
Invisible!Gerald: “Sure, bring him with you.”

The next day, Grace and her husband, Timothy, visit the Whitakers at their home.
Deanne: “Hello, Grace! Do come in!”
Grace: “This is my husband, Timothy Charles Marshall.”
Gerald shakes Timothy’s hand.

Grace: “Don’t the Whitakers have a beautiful home?”
Timothy: “Yes, and Gerald married a very cute woman … as did I.”
Deanne: “Would you like some … coffee?”
Grace: “Yes, for both Tim and me.”
After serving tea for themselves and coffee for their guests, Gerald and Deanne take off their wedding rings. They both vanish, but their clothes are still visible.
Invisible!Deanne: “This is what herbal tea does to us!”
Grace, gasping: “Oh, my goodness, Tim! It’s just like I told you! Human invisibility is real!”
Invisible!Gerald: “We’ve decided to use this power to protect the innocent and help the needy.”
The Whitakers put their rings back on, and rematerialize.
Timothy: “Awesome! Is it just you two, or has this herbal tea made other people invisible?”
Gerald: “We don’t know.”
Grace: “So, as Mr. & Mrs. Invisible, how … how do you find each other?”
Deanne: “I follow the pine scent of Jerry’s aftershave, and he follows the lemon scent of my shampoo.”
Gerald: “Let’s keep this a secret among the four of us for now, shall we?”
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