Mr. and Mrs. Invisible
The cleaning woman is startled
Invisible Deanne takes a call
©2015 James H. Vipond


Sharon Kelly works as a cleaning woman at the city fitness center, where Deanne Whitaker has been using the swimming pool. The Whitaker family is well acquainted with Sharon and other personnel at the fitness center.

While cleaning the women’s locker room, Sharon hears water running and a soprano voice singing along with the recorded music. When she looks in the showers, Sharon is startled to see soap suds rinsed off an unseen female body. Curious, she then watches as a large, fluffy towel moves about, seemingly by itself, and a trail of wet footprints goes from the showers to the lockers. After following the footprints to the locker area, she watches in disbelief as various garments rise from a tote bag labeled D. WHITAKER and pull themselves onto the same unseen female body.

Just after invisible!Deanne puts her lingerie on, her husband calls her smartphone.

Invisible!Deanne: “Hello? Oh, hi, Jerry! Yes, I’m still at the gym. I’m just getting dressed. I expect to be home within half an hour. Love you. Goodbye.”

Once outside the locker room and fully clothed, invisible!Deanne puts on her wedding ring, and her head and hands materialize.

Unknown to Sharon, a thief escaping the police has dashed into the fitness center parking lot and dropped a sack of stolen jewelry into the back of Sharon’s car. When the police find the loot in Sharon’s possession, they take her to jail. After hearing about the arrest, Deanne asks for her husband’s help in finding the real thief and proving that Sharon is innocent.

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