Mr. and Mrs. Invisible
Young men at convenience store Men with binoculars Invisible Deanne strips for bed
©2015 James H. Vipond


Two college freshmen meet outside a convenience store and have this conversation:

Alex: “Hey, Ben, I just saw the weirdest thing at the Whitakers’ house.”
Ben: “You mean the hot blond couple, Jerry and Deanne?”
Alex: “The same. You know that their house doesn’t have curtains?”
Ben: “Yeah, so?”
Alex: “So I was passing by their bedroom window yesterday, and I saw the mattress rise off their bed, turn halfway around, and descend back onto the bed! But I didn’t see the Whitakers themselves, only the mattress!”
Ben: “That does sound creepy! Say, Alex, I once saw this Japanese movie—with English subtitles—where a nerdy guy has little red pills that make him invisible.”
Alex: “Whoa!”
Ben: “He gives his daughter some of the pills, and she swallows one, and it makes her invisible, too! And in order to be invisible, the man and the woman have to be naked!”
Alex: “You think it’s the same with the Whitakers?”
Ben: “Let’s find out tonight, Alex! I’ll meet you behind their house. Bring your binoculars!”

As night falls, Alex and Ben, both wearing hooded jackets, hide behind shrubbery near the Whitakers’ bedroom window, hoping to see the sexy Deanne Whitaker in all her naked glory. Gerald and Deanne are unaware of the voyeurs’ presence.
Ben: “Yo, Alex! It’s time to check out the Whitaker chick!”
Alex: “I brought my binoculars!”
Ben: “And I have mine! This is going to be sweet!”
Alex: “Quiet, Ben. Just watch.”
They watch eagerly as Deanne takes off her wedding ring, sets it with her husband’s ring on the nightstand, and unties her bathrobe.
At that very moment, Alex sneezes.
Ben: “Bless you.”
During Alex’s extended sneezing fit, Deanne’s nude body vanishes as her bathrobe slips off her arms onto the floor. As Alex and Ben turn back to the window, the bathrobe rises from the floor and floats toward a peg on the wall.
Alex: “Sorry, dude, I just couldn’t stop sneezing!”
Ben: “Hey, the bedroom light just went out!”
Alex: “She must have just gone to bed.”
Ben: “Aw, man, we missed the good stuff.”
Alex: “Come on, dude, let’s go home.”

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