Mr. and Mrs. Invisible
The vice principal's office
Invisible couple examining papers
Maisie with her guests
Invisible Deanne takes Maisie's book
©2016 James H. Vipond


The Whitakers learn that Maisie Lou Wright, the vice principal of the city’s middle school, has been discriminating against students and teachers who openly express their Christian faith, or even question secular humanist doctrines.

Gerald and Deanne attend the middle school’s Parents’ Night in hope that their twins will receive a decent education.
After the catered meal, Gerald and Deanne approach Maisie’s office while she is out. Having stripped to nothing and stashed their clothes into their tote bags, Mr. & Mrs. Invisible take advantage of a conveniently open door to enter the office and examine the personnel files in Maisie’s file cabinet.

Invisible!Deanne: “Look at this, Jerry! For the past year, Maisie Wright has been discriminating against students and staff who did things that are perfectly legal!”
Invisible!Gerald: “Such as …?”
Invisible!Deanne: “For one thing, she told the biology instructor to penalize any student who disagrees with evolutionary ‘science’!”
Invisible!Gerald: “I found one, too: She sacked the boys’ basketball coach because she recognized him and his wife in a TV report on a gathering for traditional marriage. And it was in another city, during the summer break!”
The papers return to their file folder, the folder returns to its drawer in the file cabinet, and the drawer closes.
Invisible!Deanne: “Jerry, how could she be so cruel?”
Invisible!Gerald: “I understand that though Maisie herself is heterosexual, she supports same-sex ‘marriage’. Though her name is Wright, her attitude is wrong.”
The Whitakers’ tote bags appear to rise and float out of Maisie’s office.
Invisible!Gerald: “And her boss, the principal, seems to encourage her acts of discrimination! Let’s go, Deanne, before someone catches us naked.”

Maisie later invites Gerald and Deanne, now fully visible and fully clothed, to her home. Maisie offers her guests herbal tea—unknown to her, it is the specific blend of tea that makes them invisible!
Maisie: “I’m looking forward to having your twins as first-year students at the middle school! I love those pine and lemon scents you both are wearing!”
Just as Gerald and Deanne start to drink their tea, Maisie’s landline telephone rings. She gets up to enter an adjacent room.
Maisie: “Pardon me. I have to see who is calling.”

Unaware of the tea’s effect on her guests, Maisie returns to her living room. She sees two empty tea cups and two vacant seats, as well as Deanne’s satchel, which (unknown to Maisie) contains Gerald’s and Deanne’s shoes and folded clothing.
Maisie: “Sorry to keep you two waiting, but one of my adult daughters was calling from out of state. Gerald? Deanne? Where did they go?
“⟨Such rude guests! I certainly won’t be inviting them here again! I can still smell pine and lemon. Oh, well…⟩”
Just as Maisie starts to sit down with a paperback novel, Mr. & Mrs. Invisible tell her in disguised voices why she sucks.
Invisible!Deanne, snatching the book: “LET YOUR STUDENTS KNOW THEIR RIGHTS!”
Maisie: “What is going on? Whoever—whatever you are, leave me alone!”
Suddenly, the book drops to the table, Maisie’s arm is freed, and Deanne’s satchel floats out the front door.
As she picks up her book, Maisie hears a car engine start. She looks out her living room window. She watches in stunned silence as the Whitakers’ seemingly unoccupied convertible backs out of her driveway and takes off down the road.
Maisie: “I’ve read about those self-driving cars, but a self-driving convertible? ”

A week later, Gerald calls his wife’s attention to a front-page article in the local newspaper.
Gerald: “Deanne, did you hear? Maisie Wright has just resigned her position at the middle school, effective at the end of the current semester!”
Deanne: “We scared her that badly, did we?”
Gerald: “I cannot say for sure.”

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