Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

Reading the newspaper
Carla's unseen helper
©2017 James H. Vipond


Deanne: “Look at this article in the newspaper, Jerry. A ‘Fabulous Ladies of Arm Wrestling’ tournament is scheduled for tomorrow night at the local event center. Carla Morgan, one of my friends from college, will be competing. Can we go?”
Gerald: “I don’t know, Deanne. After our encounter with Maisie Wright—”
Deanne: “Please, Jerry?”
Gerald: “All right, but remember our ‘no mischief’ rule!”

The next evening, Gerald and Deanne watch as the tournament starts with a field of eight competitors, including Carla. Despite being of average strength, Carla is one of the two finalists. Her opponent, Shirley Phillips, has big muscles and a bigger ego.

Gerald: “I’m astonished that your friend made it to the final match, Deanne!”
Deanne: “Pardon me, Jerry. I need to visit the ladies’ room.”
Gerald: “Deanne, come back! Don’t you want to watch Carla?”
Deanne: “Trust me, Jerry, I won’t miss anything!”

To the shock of Gerald and the other spectators, Carla is declared winner of the tournament! Immediately afterward, Deanne—who, while invisible, pushed the wrestlers’ forearms onto the table—narrowly avoids indecent exposure as she materializes, getting dressed on her way back to her husband.

Upon learning the truth as they return home, Gerald rebukes his wife for breaking their “no mischief” rule. He is grateful, however, that for once, he wasn’t the invisible spouse!

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