Mr. and Mrs. Invisible

Family at pizzeria
Kids at arcade
Evan is abducted!
©2018 James H. Vipond


The Whitaker family enjoy a meal at a pizzeria with a few video game machines nearby. After Gerald gives each of the twins $5 in quarters, Jacob plays Tetris with a black boy named Evan, while Jennifer plays Blockout by herself. Evan’s parents, Michael and Dorothy Buchanan, are friends of Gerald and Deanne.

Evan: “Let’s play Xenophobe!”
Jacob: “But that game has an ‘out of order’ sign on it.”
Evan: “Then let’s play Tetris.”

Evan is abducted after the two families leave the pizzeria and as Gerald unlocks his family’s car.

Dorothy: “Somebody save my son!”
Deanne: “I’ll save him!”

Despite his attempts to flee, Evan is forced into the kidnappers’ van. Before Deanne can get near the van, the door slams shut. Gerald tries to photograph the van’s license plate with his smartphone, but the plate is covered in so much grime as to be illegible.

About two hours later, Dorothy receives a message from the kidnappers. They demand a $50,000 ransom for her son, but Gerald and Deanne refuse to let her be blackmailed.

Evan was taken to an abandoned funeral home across town. For their rescue mission, Gerald and Deanne must become invisible, fully aware that their nude bodies could materialize without warning.

The kidnappers have blindfolded and bound Evan and are about to gag him, when a coffin opens suddenly. Inside the coffin is a figure in a white sheet, which sits up.
Invisible!Gerald, disguising his voice: “WHO DARES DISTURB MY REST?”
One of the kidnappers pulls the sheet away, but doesn’t see anything.

After the kidnappers flee in panic, Gerald and Deanne laugh heartily, unaware that their nude bodies are materializing.
Deanne, helping Gerald out of the coffin: “Good going, Jerry!”
Evan: “Jacob’s parents! I am saved!”
Gerald: “Keep that blindfold on, Evan!”
The Whitakers untie Evan’s bonds.
Deanne: “Jerry, get him to safety!”
Evan: “Aren’t you coming, Mrs. Whitaker?”
Gerald, grabbing Deanne’s arm: “Yes, she is!”

After Gerald and Deanne get dressed, they reunite Evan with his parents.

To be continued …

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