One-Shot Game Show Hosts

A recent discussion on the newsgroup involved people who have been host of only one U.S. game show. As a public service, I hereby attempt to provide a list of such personalities, both male and female.
Caution: This list contains many obscure shows and hosts. Its sheer length should demonstrate the difficulty of becoming a successful game show host. The list, largely from the first edition of The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, is by no means exhaustive or authoritative; contributions are welcome.

  A Don Adams: Don Adams’ Screen Test
Joey Adams: Back the Fact
Kip Addotta: Everything Goes
Fred Allen: Judge for Yourself
Herb Allen: Hail the Champ
Don Ameche: Take a Chance
Morey Amsterdam: Battle of the Ages
Louie Anderson: Family Feud (1999-2002)
Eamonn Andrews: Top of the World
Bill Armstrong: Liar’s Club (1970s)
  B Harry Babbit: Glamour Girl
Phil Baker: Who’s Whose? (footnote)
John Beal: Freedom Rings
Sandy Becker: Win with a Winner
Melvin Belli: Guilty or Innocent
Rolf Benirschke: Wheel of Fortune (NBC, post-Sajak)
Red Benson: Name That Tune (1950s)
Bob Bergen: JEP!
Edgar Bergen: Do You Trust Your Wife?
Milton Berle: Jackpot Bowling
Tom Bergeron: Hollywood Squares (1998-2004)
Jimmy Blaine: Hold That Camera
Hal Block: Tag the Gag
Eric Boardman: Liar’s Club (1988-89)
Bill Boggs: All-Star Almost Anything Goes
Joe Boland: Ask Me Another
Danny Bonaduce: Starface
Elayne Boosler: Balderdash
Roger Bower: Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One
Lee Bowman: What’s Going On?
Eddie Bracken: Masquerade Party
Johnny Bradford: Tele Pun (he was host and judge)
Jordan Brady: Turn It Up!
Keefe Brasselle: Keep It in the Family
Jack Bright: Try and Do It
Patricia Bright: Draw Me a Laugh
Morgan Brittany: Star Games
John Mason Brown: Americana
Doug Browning: Q.E.D.
Wally Bruner: What’s My Line? (1960s)
Arthur Q. Bryan: Movieland Quiz
Karyn Bryant: Name That Video
Brooke Burns: Dog Eat Dog
Billy Bush: Let’s Make a Deal (2003)
Frank Buxton: Get the Message
  C Tom Campbell: Camouflage (1980)
Blaine Capatch: Beat the Geeks (second season)
Carl Caruso: Spin the Picture
Dick Cavett: College Bowl ’87
Jimmy Cefalo: Trump Card
Robin Chandler: Quick on the Draw
Spencer Christian: Triple Threat (BET)
Nick Clooney: The Money Maze
Marty Cohen: Slime Time
Frank Coniff: Are You Positive
Hans Conried: Made in America
John Conte: Personality Puzzle
Carl Cordell: Lucky Partners
Bill Cosby: You Bet Your Life (1992)
Walter Cronkite: It’s News to Me
Dick Curtis: Queen for a Day
  D Denise Darcel: Gamble on Love
Doug Davidson: The Price Is Right (syndicated, 1994)
Fred Davis: Brains & Brawn
Idalis DeLeon: Outrageous!
George DeWitt: Name That Tune (1950s)
Melvyn Douglas: Your Big Moment
Hugh Downs: Concentration (1958-69)
Louise DuArt: Rodeo Drive
Al DuBois: Bumper Stumpers
Leo Durocher: Jackpot Bowling
  E Robert Earl: General Electric College Bowl
Allyn Edwards: One Minute Please
Ralph Edwards: Truth or Consequences
Bob Elliott: The Name’s the Same
Bob Elson: Identify
Ron Ely: Face the Music (1980)
Wesley Eure: Finders Keepers (Nickelodeon)
  F Joe Farago: Break the Bank (1985)
Laurie Faso: I’m Telling!
Happy Felton: It’s a Hit
Kirk Fogg: Legends of the Hidden Temple
Art Ford: The Art Ford Show
Tennessee Ernie Ford: Kollege of Musical Knowledge
Bruce Forsyth: Bruce Forsyth’s Hot Streak
  G Marten Gabel: With This Ring
Paul Gallico: Stop, Look and Listen
Don Galloway: The Guinness Game
Dick Gautier: It’s Your Bet
Jackie Gleason: You’re in the Picture (1 episode)
Kathy Godfrey: On Your Way
Bill Goodwin: Penny to a Million
Ray Goulding: The Name’s the Same
Barry Gray: Winner Take All
Jack Gregson: Auction-Aire
Dr. Mason Gross: Think Fast (1950s)
Bill Gwinn: The Bill Gwinn Show
  H Buddy Hackett: You Bet Your Life (1980)
Chris Hardwick: Singled Out
Pat Harrington Jr.: Stump the Stars
Ralph Harris: Contraption
Don Harron: Anything You Can Do
Moss Hart: Answer Yes or No
Bob Hastings: Dealer’s Choice
Peter Lind Hayes: Alumni Fun
Chuck Henry: Now You See It! (1989)
Walter Herlihy: Draw Me a Laugh
Larry Hoff: Spend It Fast
John Howard: Public Prosecutor
Ken Howard: Dream Girl USA
Tom Howard: It Pays to Be Ignorant
Jim Hutton: Everything’s Relative
  I Monteria Ivey: Think Twice (PBS)
  J Leon Janney: Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One
Bruce Jenner: Star Games
Arte Johnson: Knockout
Jay Johnson: Celebrity Charades
Johnny Johnson: Make That Spare
Rahman Johnson: SPLAT!
Elaine Joyce: The All New Dating Game (1987)
  K Richard Karn: Family Feud (2002-06)
Casey Kasem: 100%
Stubby Kaye: Shenanigans
Jack Kelly: $ale of the Century (1960s)
Joe Kelly: Quiz Kids
John Milton Kennedy: Armchair Detective
Pat Kieran: Studio 7
Durwood Kirby: General Electric Guest House
Greg Kinnear: College Mad House
Dick Kollmar: Guess What?
Kay Kyser: Kollege of Musical Knowledge
  L Dylan Lane: Chain Reaction (2006)
Vicki Lawrence-Schultz: Win, Lose or Draw (NBC)
Robert G. Lee: Inspiration, Please!
Oscar Levant: General Electric Guest House
Sam Levenson: Two for the Money
Art Linkletter: People Are Funny (1950s)
Teri Ann Linn: Grand Prix All Star Show
  M Kyle MacDonnell: Hold That Camera
Howie Mandel: Deal or No Deal
Marc Maron: Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Pamela Sue Martin: Star Games
Frankie Masters: Lucky Letters
Kenny Mayne: Two-Minute Drill
Bill Mazer: Reach for the Stars
James McClain: Doctor I.Q.
John McEnroe: The Chair
Jim McKay: Make the Connection
Ralph McNair: The Eyes Have It
Don McNeil: Take Two
Randy Merriman: The Big Payoff
Dean Miller: There’s One in Every Family
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery: Friend or Foe?
Phil Moore: Nickelodeon Arcade
Henry Morgan: Draw to Win
  N Frank Nicotero: Street Smarts
Kathi Norris: Spin the Picture
  O Joe O’Brien: Play the Game
Kevin O’Connell: Go
Walter O’Keefe: Two for the Money
Danny O’Neill: One in a Million
Donny Osmond: Pyramid (2002-04)
Jay Owen: Doctor I.Q.
  P Robert Paige: The Big Payoff
Bud Palmer: Jackpot Bowling
Lew Parker: Your Surprise Store
Tom Parks: Wait Till You Have Kids!
Neva Patterson: Manhattan Honeymoon
Ron Pearson: $hopping $pree
Paul Peterson: Dream Girl of 1967
Henry Polic II: Double Talk
Tom Poston: Split Personality
Maury Povich: Twenty-One (2000)
Ed Prentiss: Majority Rules
Alan Prescott: Quizzing the News
Marc Price: Teen Win, Lose or Draw
Roger Price: Droodles
Vincent Price: E.S.P. (later changed to interview format)
Jonathan Prince: Quiz Kids Challenge
Greg Proops: VS.
Sarah Purcell: The Better Sex
Joe Pyne: Showdown!
  R Clark Race: The Parent Game
Dr. Froelich Rainey: What in the World
Walter Raney: What’s the Story?
Ahmad Rashad: Caesars Challenge
Basil Rathbone: Your Lucky Clue
Tom Reddy: How Do You Rate?
Toby Reed: Top Dollar
Charles Nelson Reilly: Sweethearts
Michael Reilly: Monopoly
Paul Reubens: You Don’t Know Jack
Greg & John Rice: That **** Quiz Show
Brian Robbins: Pictionary (WWOR)
Anne Robinson: The Weakest Link (NBC/PAX)
Al Roker: Remember This?
Leonard Rosen: What’s Your Bid?
Dan Rowan: All-American Ultra Quiz (2-part NBC special)
David Ruprecht: Supermarket Sweep (Lifetime/PAX)
Nipsey Russell: Your Number’s Up
Todd Russell: Wheel of Fortune (pre-Griffin)
  S Bob Saget: 1 vs. 100
Pat Sajak: Wheel of Fortune (NBC/syndicated, 1981-present)
Soupy Sales: Junior Almost Anything Goes
John Salley: I Can’t Believe You Said That!
Ed Sanders: National Bingo Night
Summer Sanders: Figure It Out
Steve Saunders: Secrets of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House
Rick Schwartz: The Chamber
Vin Scully: It Takes Two (1969)
Ryan Seacrest: Click!
Rod Serling: Liar’s Club
William Shatner: Show Me the Money
Ned Sherrin: We Interrupt This Week
Kevin Shinick: Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?
Tom Shirley: They’re Off
Lonnie Shorr: Dueling for Playmates
Herb Shriner: Two for the Money
Steve Skrovan: That’s My Dog!
George Sotos: Sit or Miss
Hal Sparks: Treasure Mall
Gina St. John: Who Knows You Best?
Ben Stein: Win Ben Stein’s Money
“Sugar”: Face to Face (according to EoTVGS, she was heard but not seen)
Lynn Swann: To Tell the Truth (1990)
John Cameron Swayze: Chance for Romance
  T Deems Taylor: Americana
Rip Taylor: The $1.98 Beauty Show
Cal Tierney: Manhattan Honeymoon
Tony Trabert: Celebrity Tennis
Lee Trevino: Golf for Swingers
Jack Trimarco: Fake Out (Court TV)
Robert Trout: Who Said That?
John Bartholomew Tucker: Treasure Isle
  U Fred Uttal: Q.E.D.
  V J. Keith van Straaten: Beat the Geeks (first season)
Ben Vereen: You Write the Songs
Meredith Vieira: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (syndicated)
Max von Sydow (“The Inquizitor”): Inquizition
  W Adam Wade: Musical Chairs (1975)
Lyle Waggoner: It’s Your Bet
Myron Wallace: Majority Rules
Rudolph Wanderone Jr. a/k/a Minnesota Fats: Celebrity Billiards
Robin Ward: To Tell the Truth (1980)
Patrick Wayne: Tic Tac Dough (1990)
John Weigel: Treasure Quest
Jimmy Weldon: Funny Boners
Jack Whitaker: The Face is Familiar
Betty White: Just Men!
Dennis Wholey: The Generation Gap
Irene Wicker: Play the Game
Flip Wilson: People Are Funny (1980s)
Ward Wilson: Can You Top This?
Paul Winchell: Runaround
Greg Winfield: The Video Game
Annie Wood: Bzzz!
Woody Woodbury: Who Do You Trust?
Chris Wylde: Taboo
  Y Michael Young: Grand Prix All Star Show
  Z Ahmet Zappa: WebRiot
Larry Zeno: Off the Wall
Dr. Harvey Zorbaugh: Play the Game

Who’s Whose? is not to be confused with “Whose Is Whose Is Whose?”, a match-the-parent-to-the-child sketch on the children’s variety show Wonderama.

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