This is the Macintosh/iOS game where daring determines the fate of the player!
This is the game of strategy, luck and knowledge! This is …

Dedicated to the memory of Jim Lange, original host of Bullseye

This is how I would do Bullseye for macOS or iOS, to be played for in-game virtual coins. To avoid confusion with the 2015 series on Fox, this game may be titled Contract Quiz. This game could be played by two players on the same Mac or iDevice, by two players on separate Macs/iDevices, or by one player against an AI opponent. Players would be represented onscreen by Facebook avatars, by Game Center avatars or by in-game avatars.

Which category would you like? Three questions in the contract Contestants and question

Main Game

As on the TV show, two players answer general-knowledge questions in contracts. Each game consists of eight categories, four in each of the upper windows on the game board. Question values would be 200, 300, 400 or 500 coins. Contracts would run from one to five questions; a bullseye would allow the player to end the contract after any correct answer.

On an iOS device, the player would tap on or near the plunger to stop the spirals. A player keeps control until he either completes the contract or answers a question incorrectly. All questions are multiple choice with four possible answers; when a player answers incorrectly, control is given to the other player, who chooses from the three remaining answers. If the second player also answers incorrectly, the correct answer is revealed, control is returned to the first player, and the host asks a new question in the same category.

When a player completes a contract, the coins in the pot are automatically transferred to that player’s bank. Control is then given to the opposing player. The first player to bank 2,000 or more coins wins the game and advances to the bonus round.

Starting the bonus round After the first spin

Bonus Round: Face the Lightning

The bonus round would be just like that played on TV. The player’s objective is to accumulate cash (values 100, 200 and 300 coins) and freeze bullseyes, hoping to avoid the lightning. Bullseyes are automatically frozen when they appear. When three bullseyes appear on the board, the player wins all the coins in the pot, but if lightning appears in an unfrozen window, the bonus round is lost.

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Legal notice: Bullseye is the property of Sony Pictures Television. No challenge to ownership is intended.

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