Catch Phrase title

The text of this page was edited from the now-defunct Game Show Rules Wiki, preserved at the Internet Archive. Thanks to William Sydnor Jr. for providing the screenshots. Can this game be ported to TNT Basic?

Broadcast History

Main Game

Mary vs. Clayton Two players competed. The computer would illustrate a popular “catch phrase” for the players. These animated full-color puzzles were similar to the recurring Wacky Wordies in Games magazine. Some of the puzzles featured a yellow robot named Herbie.
Mary solves the toss-up Once a bell sounded, the players were allowed to buzz in. Whoever correctly guessed the catch phrase added money to the bank — the value of each toss-up puzzle was randomly determined at the beginning of the round by one of the players — and was allowed to uncover one piece of the “Super Catch Phrase”. After the square was revealed, the player had five seconds to guess the Super Catch Phrase. If right, then that player was awarded the money in the bank. If neither player solved the Super Catch Phrase after all nine portions had been revealed, the host gave the correct solution and the bank was carried over to the next round. Super Catch Phrase, partly revealed

The contestants played as many Super Catch Phrases as time allowed; a TNT Basic port should allow players to choose how many Super Catch Phrases to play. Whoever had more money at the end of the game advanced to the bonus round.

Bonus Round: Catch Phrase Bingo

The bonus round begins The player was shown a board of 25 squares, lettered A through Y, each one hiding a catch phrase.Nine seconds left The player was allowed to make as many guesses as desired, and was allowed to pass at any time and return to that catch phrase if there was still time on the clock. The goal was to solve five Catch Phrases across the board vertically, horizontally or diagonally in 60 seconds. Doing so won a prize worth about $5,000, unless the line went through the center “M” box (whose puzzle was more difficult than the others), which won a more attractive prize valued at over $10,000. Otherwise the contestant received $200 in cash for each correctly solved puzzle.

A player who won five games in a row won a bonus prize (usually a car or boat, such as the grand prize for the bonus round) and retired undefeated.

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