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The text of this page was edited from the now-defunct Game Show Rules Wiki, preserved at the Internet Archive. Thanks to William Sydnor Jr. for providing the screenshots. Can this game be ported to TNT Basic or Stencyl?

Broadcast History

Main Game

The first teamThe second team
Two teams competed in this revival of the 1975-80 Jack Clark format, each consisting of two celebrities and one civilian captain. Starting with the winner of a coin toss, the captain of the controlling team chose a word from a crossword puzzle consisting of several words pertaining to a person [orange grid], place [blue] or thing [gold]. The crossword grid is always 11 squares by nine squares.
Whom does the crossword describe? What place does the crossword describe? What does the crossword describe?

Celebrity teammates took turns. After a word was chosen, Sparks read the clue. After a word was correctly guessed, the celebrity in control had seven seconds to solve the master puzzle. If the celebrity was unable to solve it, the contestant had three seconds to do so; otherwise, control passed to the other team. Solving a word earned five points for each letter therein (10 points in the third round), and gave the player a chance to solve the puzzle or give the other celebrity the next word. Only a contestant could solve the master puzzle. Solving the puzzle was worth 50 points (100 points in the third round).

Play continued in this manner, starting with the trailing team for each new puzzle, until three rounds were played. Both contestants received a dollar per point, and the player with the higher score chose a celebrity teammate to accompany him/her to the “Crossfire” bonus round.

Bonus Round: Crossfire

Only three words left!
This round consisted of a themeless 10-word puzzle on a purple grid, and the team had 60 seconds to solve as many words as possible, earning a prize of increasing value for each word solved and a grand prize for getting all 10. The grand prize could be one of three cars, each represented by a celebrity, or $1,000 in cash.
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