Here’s the game where knowledge is king and Lady Luck is queen! It’s …
The Joker's Wild

This is how I would do The Joker’s Wild for Mac OS X and iOS, to be played for in-game virtual coins. My plan generally follows the 1977–86 format. This game could be played by two players on the same Mac or iDevice, by two players on separate Macs/iDevices, or by one player against an AI opponent. Players would be represented onscreen by Facebook avatars, by Game Center avatars or by in-game avatars. I expect to provide better concept images later.

Joker's Wild contestants

Main Game

As on the TV show, two contestants take turns spinning an onscreen slot machine and answering general-knowledge questions. Each of the three reels contains five category images and a joker. An iOS port of The Joker’s Wild would use an interface similar to that for the Daily Spin in Bejeweled Blitz.

Bonus Round

In the bonus round, the player’s objective is to accumulate in-game coins (¤1,000 or more) by spinning the slots, in hope of avoiding the in-game villain. Rather than use the TV show’s devil, which supposedly was a caricature of showrunner Jack Barry, I would prefer a rendering of the Sixus1 Scrum or the JARguy71 slug monster, both of which are freeware Poser figures.

Assuming 10 available slots on each reel, a likely distribution of bonus slides would be: two each of ¤25, ¤50 and ¤75; one each of ¤100, ¤200, ¤300 and ¤500. On one reel, the ¤500 slide would be replaced by the in-game villain.

Legal notice: The Joker’s Wild is the property of Sony Pictures Television. No challenge to ownership is intended.

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