Most of these fonts have not already been shown in a publicly viewable collection on the Web. This page contains references to The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces by Dan X. Solo (Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publications Inc., 1992).

The Big Showdown

Font: Herkules by Dieter Steffmann (download)

From the Jim Lange version.

Font: Dynamo by Karl Sommer (download 1, download 2)

Card Sharks 1978

From the Jim Perry version. The Solotype catalog name for this font is Piccadilly.

Font: Crystal Gypsy by Josh Wilhelm (download)

Card Sharks 2001

From the Pat Bullard version.

Font: Baveuse by Ray Larabie (download)

Chain Reaction (Cullen)

From the Bill Cullen version. This is the long-sought freeware version of Beans, a font designed in the 1970s by Dieter Zembsch and currently sold by

Font: Haricot by Claude Pelletier (download)

Dream House (Eubanks)

From the Bob Eubanks version.

Font: Peignot Bold by Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron aka Cassandre (download)

Family Feud (Dawson)

This all-uppercase font came from the FamilyFeudHangout Yahoo! Group, and was provided by Casey Buck. A family of similar but somewhat chunkier fonts, in regular and condensed widths, by “wheelgenius” can be downloaded from FontStruct.

Font: Family Feud by David Frangioso (unavailable for download)

Family Feud (Dawson)

I created this font with FontStruct. The grid lines do not show up very well in this sample. Another FontStruct user has cloned this font and filled in the grid lines.

Font: Fast Money by James H. Vipond (download)


As of 2010 July 15, this font is part of a commercial 12-font family: six weights in roman and italic. Only the regular and heavy non-italic fonts are free. See also Annual-Normal.

Font: Gyparody Heavy by Ray Larabie (Solotype name is Anonymous) (download)

The Joker’s Wild

The show’s actual logo does not seem to exist as a font, but this is a close equivalent. See also ITC Ziggy™ Regular by Bob Alonso (freeware clone Artemon).

Font: Oliver by Christine Mauerkirchner (download)

Just Men!

Font: Advertisers Gothic by Robert Wiebking (download or purchase)
Match Game

This font appears to be derived from the later logo (1978–82) of the CBS version.

Font: Stentiga by Ray Larabie (download)


From an obscure game show whose host was Laugh-In cohost Dick Martin. Uppercase only. The Solotype catalog name for this font is Marvin.

Font: Marbold (download)

The New Newlywed Game

From the 1980s syndicated version.

Font: Serif Gothic Heavy (download)

On the Cover

This font also was used for the corporate identity of Westing­house Broadcasting/​Group W Television from 1963 to 1995. See also the Westinghouse font by John Sizemore, which includes Greek and Cyrillic letters.

Font: Anklepants by Ray Larabie (download)

Rhyme and Reason

The Solotype catalog name for this font is Yagi Double. The Yagi font family was originally designed by Robert Trogman for dry-transfer lettering.

Font: Retro Stereo Wide by Gus Thessalos (download)


Canada Type sells an updated version of this font under the name Johnny.

Font: Margit by Phil Martin (download)

Split Second (Monty Hall)

From the Monty Hall syndicated version. The Solotype catalog name for this font is Roco.

Font: Marquee Mieux (download)

Tic Tac Dough (Martindale)

From the Wink Martindale syndicated version.

Font: Futura Bold Condensed by Paul Renner (unavailable for download)

To Tell the Truth

Font: Davida Bold by Louis Minott (download 1, download 2)
Trivia Trap

“TRIVIA” Font: Tabasco Inline by John N. Schaedler (Solotype name is Paprika) (download)
“TRAP” Font: Paxil Initials by Jeri Ingalls and Fred Nader (download)
Truth or Consequences

“TRUTH OR” Font: Clarendon Bold Condensed by Robert Besley (unavailable for download)
“CONSEQUENCES” Font: Action Is by Brad O. Nelson and Jeffrey N. Levine (download)
You Don’t Know Jack

Fonts: Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed and Franklin Gothic № 2 Roman by Morris Fuller Benton, redesigned by Victor Caruso for International Typeface Corp. (unavailable for download)

Notes: I am currently looking for a TrueType version of Hopkins, the all-uppercase display font used on Shopper’s Bazaar, the 1973 pilot that became Wheel of Fortune. Alan Prescott has revived it as Hopscotch Roman (image has been removed from Flickr).

Also check out Jay Lewis’ Fonts from The Price Is Right, which includes screenshots of the fonts in use.

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