Game Shows on the Macintosh

If you own a Macintosh computer or an iOS device and enjoy game shows, you may have had problems finding game shows to play on the Mac without using Windows emulators. I have found a few: some commercial and some made by nonprofessional programmers.

Commercial Games

Homemade Games

Possible Game Shows for macOS or iOS

Other people’s game show fan sites tend to go offline with no notice to me. An asterisk indicates games for which I have created concept images for ports to macOS or iOS.

Doubtless there are many older game shows, described in the Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, which could be adapted for macOS or iOS (Seven Keys, Eye Guess and Haggis Baggis come to mind). I also would like to see some original TV-style games not based on existing game shows (e.g., Combination Lock).

I have come up with some ways it could be done. I also have a copy of Stencyl and have begun creating my own game show programs for macOS. My first TNT Basic project, with help from a Canadian programmer, is the Secret “X” game from The Price Is Right. We never got to finish porting the Tic Tac Dough bonus round to TNT Basic. Both are freely available on my downloads page.

If you’ve written a freeware or shareware TV-style game for the Macintosh or iOS, or know someone who has, let me know!

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James H. Vipond