Four Game Show Proposals

Eleven Up
It’s the game of famous names!

It’s a Dilemma!
Yes, no or depends? What’s your answer?

The Now You See It!/All-Star Blitz Hour
My first attempt at a 60-minute hybrid game show.

Super Concentration
A tag-team version of the popular rebus game.

I am not the only budding game show creator on the Web. Here are some others whose ideas, like mine, vary in quality:

I wish to devise an original game show suitable for Cartoon Network, likely in the vein of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Cartoon Network is one of the few general-entertainment cable channels that has not had a game show as such (Dave Mackey may be able to help here). It should include these elements:

How would such a game be played? Would it be a trivia game, a word-puzzle game, or some other kind? Would it be played by children, adults or families? Feel free to offer suggestions.
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