Tiger Concentration Bloopers

Although the Tiger handheld Concentration game is a recent acquisition for me, I have found several mistakes that compromise the fairness of the game.

Misspelled Rebus Solutions

Rebus description The answer should be... The game’s incorrect spelling
BEH + TEA D + HAY + FIZZ Bette Davis Betty Davis
K + HAT BALL + OO Cat Ballou Kat Balou
WILL + LEE NAILS + SUN Willie Nelson Willie Neloon
JUDGE + MINT D + HAY Judgment Day Sudgement Day
BOTTOMS UP (see note 1) Bottoms Up Buttoms Up
DO + TEA B + HOUND Duty Bound Duty Bodnu
SLIDE + DOVE HAND Sleight of Hand Slight of Hand


  1. The rebus for “Bottoms Up” depicts a pair of nude infants crawling on a rug, with arrowheads pointing at their buttocks. Below them is an arrow marked UP.
  2. I have also discovered an infinite loop: In at least one instance, the last two words on the board will not match (BRIDGE and RAZOR). The rebus in question is “White House” (W + EYE + T HOUSE).
  3. Yet another rebus in the Tiger game has an abnormal appearance. For my rendering I was unable to find a picture font containing a pitchfork with hay on it.

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